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ECHO SRM Echomatic Pro Trimmer Replacement Head

ECHO SRM Echomatic Pro Trimmer Replacement Head

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The ECHOmatic Pro is designed for more demanding tasks over the standard ECHOmatic head. With a maximum line diamter of .130 in., tough grass and weeds are no match for this unit. This easy to load, bump-to-advance system reduces downtime so you get more done in less time. The 2 piece head construction with a partitioned spool reduce line tangles for even more efficiency. For use with ECHO SRM model trimmers only.
  • For questions about service and repair, please call Echo at 1-800-432-ECHO or reference the Service & Repair document
  • Ideal for homeowners and commercials landscapers
  • Bump feed line system designed for demanding tasks
  • Accepts 20' of .095 in. line
  • Maximum line diameter of .130 in.

LOCATION: Upstairs in Dungeon

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