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 Eagle Bare PT03A Bare Replacement Compressor Pump.

Single Stage Pump Requires 5 Horsepower ELECTRIC Motor or 11 Horsepower GASOLINE Engine to Deliver 18.5 CFM at 100 psi

Fits Eagle Compressors C5160V1, C5360V1 and C5560V1. Also Replaces Ciasons S-302W

Three Cylinder Single Stage Pump Delivers a Maximum of 18.5 Cubic Feet per Minute at 100 psi, Maximum Pressure Range for This Pump is 135 PSI.

Designed for 1030 to 1150 RPM (1030 rpm produces 18.5 cfm)

This Pump Is Designed As A Service Part Replacement For Some Ciasons Compressors But Would Be A Good Pump For Your Special Project Or To Repair A Worn Out Compressor.

18 inches wide, 14 inches deep

13 1/2 Inches Tall Measuring From Mounting Base To Top.

10 5/8" Diameter Flywheel

Flywheel Hangs (protrudes) Below Base by Approximately 2 Inches.

Four Mounting Holes, Center To Center Width 8 5/8 Inches, Depth, 6 Inches.

Your Base Will Require Drilling, Some Cutting And Modification For This Pump To Fit. You May Need To Change Pulley Size On Your Engine Or Motor To Reach The Correct RPM.

• 62# 24X16X17