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Ryobi One Plus 18V Hybrid 20 Watt LED Work Light (Tool Only) Damaged Box

Ryobi One Plus 18V Hybrid 20 Watt LED Work Light (Tool Only) Damaged Box

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When working under your sink, car, furniture, crawlspace, or anywhere at night, you'll need an effective LED work light to help you get the job done right. With the Ryobi P721, you can keep whatever you need properly illuminated. This portable work light will shine a bright, 1, 800 Lumen beam of light from its LED panel from a variety of vantage points. Keep it standing on the ground to shine up on jobs that normally have you on your back. It has multiple hanging options with a foldout hook and mounting screw hole.

You can even lay the base flat on an overhead board to keep the light above you to shine down on an important project. No matter where it is positioned, you'll be able to have its bright lights hit your job from the perfect angle, due to its 360 degree rotation. In the workshop, you can keep your batteries available for your power tools by plugging this light into an extension cord. If you need to keep the light with you for roadside emergencies, don't worry; it can also be powered with Ryobi's 18V One+ lithium ion battery system.

Batter and charger sold separately


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