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Voltec Generator Adapter

Voltec Generator Adapter

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This 3-Outlet W Adapter Converts a Single L14-30 Plug into 3-Locking 5-20 Receptacles. That Helps Turn the Inadequate L14-30 Outlet, into 3 Useful Outlets. The E-ZEELOCK Adapter prevents annoying and dangerous cord disconnects. Made of a durable nylon material that is virtually unbreakable. E-ZEE Lock, locks the cord you are connecting in place so that cord will not separate from the product you are plugging in.

• Adapter is designed to maximize flexibility and it's compatible with a variety of portable tools and extension cords
• Contains color-coded conductors cabled with filler, wrapped with separator and plastic jacketed overall
• Illuminated end on this 2-outlet adapter is a real time-saver as it quickly shows if you've got power
• Heavy duty 10/4 STW power cable
• UPC- 044882113441


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