Sportsman gas-powered generator

Gas Generator Repair Tips

Sportsman gas-powered generator

Fixing your gas-powered generator isn’t a task that should be undertaken lightly, but you don’t have to shell out for a brand new model as long as you have the right tools and know-how. If you’re looking for some tips on how to get started with generator maintenance, let the experts at Tool Mart, Inc. help!

Fixing the Battery

If your battery won’t start, the two most likely culprits will either be the voltage regulator (which sends the correct amount of voltage from the alternator to the battery) or the alternator itself, which you can test by using a multimeter. Getting the right parts to fix these two components could save you from having to buy a brand-new battery.

Keeping it Smooth

You can preempt any dire need to repair your gas generator by making sure the carburetor is cleaned regularly. Also, if you notice the spark plug is showing signs of wear and tear, be sure to change out the spark plug. You should also remember to change out the fuel filter often. Filters are needed for keeping stray debris out of your gas, and in turn, out of your generator.

Preventing Gas Leaks

It’s important to prevent gas leaks in your generator and to fix them immediately when they do happen, for the health of your machine and for your safety. Repair your gas generator immediately if you find that the primer bulb, the fuel tank, the carburetor, or the gaskets are not in proper working order. This is one area where it never pays to be inattentive.

Unclog the Fuel Cap Vent

The fuel cap may be small, but it plays a big role in making sure your generator is running safely and effectively. A clogged vent in the fuel cap can lead to expensive repairs if you’re not careful. Make a point to check your generator often to make sure air is flowing smoothly and freely from the vent to the fuel tank.

Get the Best with Tool Mart, Inc.

You won’t have to worry about frequent and messy generator maintenance when you buy a top-quality generator from Tool Mart, Inc. With phenomenal finds like the Sportsman 4000W generator and the PowerTrain 4000 Surge 3200 Running Watt generator available at affordable prices, you’re guaranteed to get the best value. Buy from Tool Mart, Inc. today, and make your gas generator repair worries a thing of the past!

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