Multicolored flowers in a bush

When Should I Till My Garden?

Multicolored flowers in a bush

The garden has been the pride and joy of many households since the invention of the yard. People grow flowers, cacti, fruits, and vegetables in their gardens. However, gardens also require a lot of care and diligence to keep them strong, healthy, and free of weeds and pests. If you’ve ever needed an answer to the burning question “When should I till my garden?”, this blog from Tool Mart, Inc. is here to help.

Check the Temperature

The best time to begin tilling the ground is during warm and dry temperatures; that means the best time to till will differ depending on which part of the world you live in. Some garden enthusiasts recommend undertaking this task in the early spring, and others recommend to wait until June or July depending on how moist it gets in your neck of the woods.

Check the Soil

The consistency of your soil is the best indicator of when it’s time to start tilling the ground. The soil temperature should be at around 60 degrees Fahrenheit before you start working it. If you don’t have a thermometer for these purposes, you can check your soil’s temperature by squeezing a clump of soil in your palm. If it crumbles easily, you know that’s the right time to till.

Autumn Tilling

Some gardeners suggest waiting until the spring to till your garden. Other gardeners like to till in the autumn so that their soil can build up the nutrients it needs for a healthy crop. Using compost and the detritus of your earlier crops to fertilize the earth, such as the roots and stems, can yield big dividends when it’s time for your next bounty.

When Not to Till

We’ve covered when you should till your garden. Now, we should spend a little time discussing when you shouldn’t. It’s important not to till the same area often since this will make the soil more difficult to harvest from. If your patch is already covered with mulch and compost, you will not have to till as much and can begin planting.

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