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CyberPower 3 Outlet USB Wall Tap Surge Protector

CyberPower 3 Outlet USB Wall Tap Surge Protector


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The CyberPower P300WURC2 Surge Protector with USB is ideal for Home/Office protection with 600 joules, 3 outlets, 2 USB 2.1-Amp charging ports, and a convenient wall tap design. The surge protector is ideal for protecting personal computers, phones/fax/modems, printers, stereos, and other electronics. Its 2.1-Amp USB charging ports are perfect for keeping tablets, smart phones, and other rechargeable electronics ready to use. The P300WURC2 features three (3) outlets, wall tap plug, MOV technology to guard the surge protector and connected electronics against line abnormalities, and lightning surges, while EMI/RFI filters block unwanted line noise.

  • 3 surge protected outlets
  • 600 joules of surge protection
  • 2 USB charging ports - 2.1-Amp
  • Wall tap plug
  • EMI/ RFI noise filters

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