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Armor Axial Pressure Washer Pump 2 2 GPM 2 600 PSI Rear Load

Armor Axial Pressure Washer Pump 2 2 GPM 2 600 PSI Rear Load


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This direct drive vertical mount axial plunger pump will fit most pressure washers that have a vertical shaft gasoline powered engine with a 7/8" key style shaft.  It requires a minimum 140cc gasoline powered engine and delivers up to 2600 PSI and 2.2 GPM of water flow.

This pump is ideal for cleaning projects such as vehicle washing, house washing deck or driveway cleaning or other home cleaning projects!

Designed for pressure washers where the water inlet and outlet comes out the "rear" of the engine.

Suitable replacement for any pressure washers that are rear facing, with a 7/8" vertical shaft.

Technical Specs:

  • 3,400 RPM Max
  • Shaft Size:  Vertical 7/8"
  • Hose Connections:  22mm x 14 Male Outlet Thread
  • Inlet Thread Female Garden Hose Connector
  • Adjustable Unloader Valve
  • Built-In Easy Start Valve
  • 140 Degree F (60 Degree C) Maximum Water Inlet Temperature
  • Prefilled With Oil
  • Thermal Relief Valve Included
  • Soap/Chemical Injection Kit
  • Weight:  6.6 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions:  13" x 10" x 9"

Compatible With These Pressure Washer Models:

Ryobi - RY803001, RY802900, RY80940B, RY142300, RY803000E

Simpson 60808, 60784, 60972, 60912, MS60773-S, MS60805-S, CM60912

Generac - 7143, 7132

Stanley - SXPW2823, SXPW2823K, SXPW3124

Westinghouse - WPX2800, WPX2600

Pulsar - PWG2700VE, PWG3100VE

Karcher - 1.107-383.0, 1.107-384.0, 1.107-266.0, 1.107-331.0, 1.107-332.0

And Many Others...


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