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Cal Hawk Extra Long Circuit Tester
Cal Hawk Extra Long Circuit Tester

Cal Hawk Extra Long Circuit Tester


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  • Use this tester to check all 6-12 volt circuits and accessories including lights, starters, alternators, cooling and heating components, radios and relays.
  • Not recommended for use on computers, sensors or computer wiring,
  • Consult the service manual for circuit diagrams and specific test procedures.
  • Check if the tester's bulb is ok by clamping the alligator clip to the vehicles negative battery terminal and touching the test probe to the positive battery terminal. if the test light glows, the bulb is working. if not replace the bulb.
  • Turn the power "on" to the component that is to be checked. the ignition may need to be in the "on" or "accessory" position.
  • Attach the alligator clip to a good ground usually the vehicles frame or at the point where the negative battery cable ends.
  • Complete the test by touching the component with the probe or by piercing the insulation of the components wiring.
  • If the tester light does not glow, then either the circuit is faulty or power is not reaching the circuit.
  • Repair any wiring insulation damage caused by pierced with electrical tape or silicone. 
  • Unscrew knurled retainer from end of clear plastic handle. Remove contact spring which is attached to the old bulb. Remove old bulb from contact spring. Replace bulb by sliding spring over glass of bub with gentle twisting rotation. Use G.E. bulb no. 18898 or equivalent. install bulb and spring into clear plastic handle so the bottom of bulb faces probe. screw knurled retainer back into plastic handle. 
  • TMI475