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Danco Bathtub Hair Catcher And Stopper

Danco Bathtub Hair Catcher And Stopper


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      • Long-lasting, durable silicone basket
      • 2-in-1 bathtub hair catcher and stopper
      • Prevents clogged bathtub drains
      • Easy-to-install, clean and maintain
      • Withstands household chemicals, rust-resistant
      • Chrome finish will match most existing fixtures

Say goodbye clogged drains with danco's 2-in-1 bathtub hair catcher and stopper. the innovative stopper or hair catcher combo easily and discretely captures hair to prevent slow and clogged drains. unlike other ordinary bathtub hair catchers and strainers, it features both a patent-pending stopper and a durable silicone hair catcher basket that collects hair below the drain surface to keep unattractive hair clumps out of sight. simply place the hair catcher in the bathtub drain, lift the stopper and you are ready for use. clean with ease, by lifting the hair catcher out of the drain, wipe away hair and place back in the drain. the chrome finished stopper blends seamlessly with existing chrome bathroom fixtures and includes and fits most standard 1-1/2 in bathtub drains.

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