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DANCO Trip Lever Bath Tub Drain and Overflow Trim Kit in Brushed Nickel DAMAGED BOX

DANCO Trip Lever Bath Tub Drain and Overflow Trim Kit in Brushed Nickel DAMAGED BOX

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Repair your worn-out, non-functioning trip lever tub drain mechanism on the overflow faceplate and give your bathtub an updated look with the Danco bath tub drain trim kit. This complete bathtub drain conversion kit helps restore tub drains to like-new condition. Use this kit to replace a standard trip-lever drain trim and overflow plate and give your bathtub a new finish. The included bushing adapter allows this kit to work with most standard tub drains, and the 2-hole overflow faceplate cover replaces existing standard trip lever faceplates. This is an easy do it yourself project.
  • BATHTUB DRAIN TRIM KIT: This tub drain kit with included bushing adapter is designed to fit 1-1/2 in. and 1-7/8 in. tub drain shoe sizes
  • OVERFLOW PLATE REPLACES 2-HOLE OVERVFLOW PLATES: The 2-hole face plate includes pin to attach to the tub drain linkage; simply lift up on the trip lever to close the drain to fill the tub with water and push down on the trip lever to open the drain
  • DRAIN TUB SHOE DIMENSIONS: Tub Shoe Diameter 1-1/2 in & 16 TPI (Threads per inch); Tub Shoe Bushing Adapter Diameter 1-7/8 in. & 11.5 TPI (Threads per inch)
  • OVERFLOW PLATE DIMENSIONS: Trip lever overflow plate holes are 2 in. in on center and 3 in. across in diameter; drain trim cover exterior is slightly under 3 in.
  • TUB DRAIN STOPPER: The bathtub strainer catches hair and debris while allows for water to flow freely down the drain
  • HASSLE-FREE DIY INSTALLATION: Complete tub drain trim kit includes a 2-hole face plate, strainer, overflow plate, bath shoe, threaded adapter and screws
  • BUILT TO LAST: Brass construction provides strength and durability to withstand the rigors of everyday use
  • BRUSHED NICKEL FINISH: This modern Brushed Nickel finish will update your existing bathtub trim and complement your bathroom decor'
  • TOOLS NEEDED: Screwdriver, Pliers and Plumber's Putty are needed to complete this DIY project


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