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Designer Ultra Slim 4 inch White Integrated LED Recessed Kit Damaged Box

Designer Ultra Slim 4 inch White Integrated LED Recessed Kit Damaged Box

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Globe Electric's Slimline Recessed Lighting Kits are the recessed lights of the future. Each fixture is 0.5 in. (12mm) thick meaning they are ideal for locations where height clearance is limited such as beams or duct work. ENERGY STAR Certified and IC rated for direct contact with insulation, they won't overheat, do not require a bulky can and will last for years to come - 50 000 hours or approximately 45-year if used for 3-hour per day to be exact. Wet rated and certified air tight, this 4 in. kit is perfect for your bathroom, drop ceilings, outdoor soffits and all general lighting applications. Each kit features an ultra slim junction box at 1.2 in. (30 mm), a 24 in. (610 mm) cable, easy push and click quickly connects and a 9 coil plastic spring clip. Sitting on top of the housing the clips are stronger and easier to use than any of our competitor's kits.

  • Easy install slim LED: an ultra-thin profile, integrated LED and a slim junction box will not interfere with your joists or ductwork, effortless push and click quick connects allows for worry free, easy installation and are the choice of professional electricians
  • 50,000-hour, 45-year, lifespan - ENERGY STAR certified
  • IC rated: for direct contact with insulation - no recessed can required
  • Dimmable: fully dimmable from 100% to 20% with a compatible dimmer switch to create the perfect atmosphere
  • Wet rated and air tight: perfect for showers, saunas, bathrooms, outdoor soffits and all general lighting applications
  • Globe Electric works tirelessly to design and manufacture products that deliver beautiful appeal, stellar performance, easy installation and exceptional value
  • Globe Electric - the creative energy company
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