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Dr Premium PC10 1 Inch Clean Water Pump

Dr Premium PC10 1 Inch Clean Water Pump


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    • Powerful Engine: DR OHV, 34cc engine. Plenty of power to maximize the pump's 30 GPM maximum flow.
    • On-Board Instructions: Pumps are often needed in urgent situations, so you don't want to be searching for instructions when that time comes. Everything you need to know is right here on your pump frame.
    • Color Coded For Fast Hookup: Connection points on pumps all look alike. So we've color coded DR Pumps so that, even if you're in a rush, it's easy to keep straight. GREEN = suction, and BLUE = discharge.
    • Easy Prime Funnel: The most common way to damage a water pump is to start it up without priming first. That's why we make our priming funnel extra wide (2X many competitors), easily accessible, and clearly marked so that it's hard to miss.
    • Grab And Go: The handle and super lightweight design (16.5 lbs) make this a pump you can take anywhere.

    Length: 13.9 in
    Width: 9.7 in
    Height: 13.5 in
    Weight: 16.5 lbs
    Shipping Dimensions: 18X15X15
    Shipping Weight: 24 lbs



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