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ECHO YOUCAN Replacement Spark Plug

ECHO YOUCAN Replacement Spark Plug

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Be proactive with your ECHO equipment maintenance and keep it running like new season after season with a genuine ECHO replacement spark plug. Designed with a V groove center electrode, this spark plug fits most ECHO models and is easy to install. Keeping your engine running in top shape is critical to long engine life. ECHO spark plugs provide easier starting, lower emissions, and improved combustion while offering users stable performance under extreme operating conditions.
  • For questions about service and repair, please call Echo at 1-800-432-ECHO or reference the Service & Repair document
  • Spark plug BPM8Y - compatible with most ECHO equipment
  • Fits most ECHO trimmers, brushcutters, pruners, edgers, tillers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, blowers, bed redefiners and pro attachment series (PAS)
  • Highly durable-resists electrical and chemical wear
  • Excellent anti-fouling characteristics
  • Inspect and replace spark plug every 3 months or 90 hours (depending upon use and wear)
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LOCATION: Upstairs in Dungeon

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