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EM20 0 18 30 Motor

EM20 0 18 30 Motor


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The EM20.0-18-30 20HP/1800RPM/3PH/208-460/ODP was used on various brands of air compressors manufactured by Wood Industries including both electric and gas powered oil lubricated single stage air compressor, 2 stage air compressors, portable air compressor, direct drive compressors and stationary air compressors as well as many oil free hand carry air compressors.

The EM20.0-18-30 20HP/1800RPM/3PH/208-460/ODP may have been used on air compressors privately labeled under any of the following brands from Wood Industries including Iron Horse Air Compressors, Eagle Air Compressors, and MAXair Industrial Air Compressors.

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