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Everbilt 4 ft. Gas Dryer Connector Kit

Everbilt 4 ft. Gas Dryer Connector Kit

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The Everbilt gas dryer connector kit is designed to connect all major brands of dryers to a shut off valve. The connector is certified for indoor and outdoor use on appliances up to 60,500 BTUs. This gas dryer connector kit includes an excess flow valve that allows for a quick shut-off action blocking the gas flow in the event of a leak or disconnect, preventing the onset of a hazardous situation. The epoxy coated gas connector is built to withstand exposure to harsh environments and resist corrosion caused by many home care products. The kit includes (1) 4-foot 1/2-inch OD coated gas dryer connector, (1) ½-inch MIP auto shut-off valve, (1) ½-inch MIP tapped 3/8-inch FIP fitting, (1) ½-inch FIP fitting, (1) 3/8-inch MIP fitting, (1) leak detection solution, (1) pipe thread sealant.
  • Prevents the onset of a hazardous situation due to gas disconnect or leak
  • Compatible with most major brands of gas dryers
  • The kit includes all fittings needed for a safe gas connection
  • Length: 4 ft. connector
  • The connector features a coating designed to withstand harsh environments
  • Leak detection solution and pipe thread sealant included in the kit

LOCATION: Upstairs in Dungeon

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