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Everbilt Toilet Tank-to-Bowl Kit for Mansfield Damaged Box

Everbilt Toilet Tank-to-Bowl Kit for Mansfield Damaged Box

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The Everbilt Tank to Bowl Kit for Mansfield is an economical solution for a leaky toilet tank. The kit includes a rubber gasket, bolts, washers and nuts required for assembly. The kit works with Mansfield's Alto toilets with 2 inch flush valves as well as many other models with a 2 inch flush valve.

  • TOILET TANK TO BOWL GASKET KIT: This Everbilt Tank to bowl kit is designed to fit Mansfield Alto Toilets with 2 in. flush valves
  • PREVENTS TOILET TANK LEAKS: Prevents leakage between the toilet bowl and tank connection
  • TOILET TANK GASKET DIMENSIONS: The Spud Gasket has 2.5 inch inner diameter with a thickness of 3.6 inchesk
  • TOILET TANK BOLETS DIMENSIONS: Includes (3) 3 in. x 5/16 in. tank bolts
  • BUILT TO LAST: The toilet tank rubber gasket is provides durability and the brass toilet tank bolts provide long-lasting stabilization
  • EASY DO-IT-YOURSELF INSTALLATION: This complete kit provides all the parts needed for a hassle-free installation
  • HOUSEHOLD TOOLS REQUIRED FOR DIY PROJECT: Screwdriver and Adjustable Pliers are needed to remove the worn-out toilet bolts and gasket from your existing toilet and installing this new toilet gasket kit


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