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GE 25 Foot HDMI Cable With Ethernet

GE 25 Foot HDMI Cable With Ethernet


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The GE HDMI Cable is an all-in-one solution for your audio and video needs and ideal for connecting televisions to Blu-ray players, DVRs, cable boxes and more. The GE HDMI Cable with Ethernet is compatible with all HDMI-equipped devices. Built-in Ethernet supports internet-ready equipment, such as smart TVs and streaming devices, without needing additional cables or a Wi-Fi connection. As home theater systems continue to advance and offer richer images, cables must be compatible with the latest technology. By transmitting 4K Ultra HD, the HDMI cable provides a picture with four times the resolution of traditional 1080p high-definition displays. A smooth picture makes all the difference. With a video refresh rate range of 60-600Hz, the HDMI cable seamlessly displays TV shows, sports, video games, movies and more at the greatest possible quality from your HDTV. A superior picture only makes a difference if it’s accompanied by premium audio. Lossless surround sound allows you to hear the programs, movies and more as they were intended. In addition to a high-quality listening experience, an audio return channel eliminates the need for multiple cables. The best home-entertainment experience starts with a high-quality connection. Gold-plated connectors allow crystal-clear transfer of video and audio.

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