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Guardian Fall Protection Rooftop Safe Tie Bucket Kit

Guardian Fall Protection Rooftop Safe Tie Bucket Kit


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This Guardian Fall Protection product offered by Gibraltar Building Products is ideal for safety and protection. This GFP Bucket of Safe-Tie is a roofing kit built for the roofer, by the roofer. It is 1 of the few kits available on the market that includes a lifeline with an integrated shock absorber, which allows the worker to never have to worry about incorporating an additional shock absorbing lanyard into their fall protection system. Removing the shock absorbing component from the worker's back also results in less weight placed on the dorsal D-ring, resulting in an increase in comfort level and ease of movement. The kit includes a universal harness, a 50 ft. vertical lifeline assembly and a heavy-duty reusable anchor (Lanyard not included). Ideal for roofers, siders and DIY customers. The kit contains all components for an OSHA compliant system.

    • Scratch & Dent
    • Permanently attached positioning device with an 18 in. lanyard extension to help keep the   device within easy reach
    • Includes 1 HD tempered reusable anchor
    • Shock pack
    • Lanyard not included in the Rooftop Safe Tie Bucket Kit
    • Essential PPE roofing system kit


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