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Korky Ultra 2 in. Toilet Tank Flapper Damaged Box

Korky Ultra 2 in. Toilet Tank Flapper Damaged Box

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The Korky Ultra High Performance Flapper is the most universal standard 2 inch flapper available. The flapper adjusts to match original toilet settings and eliminates water waste by decreasing the amount of water flushed. Ideal for all standard 2 inch toilets, including: 1.28, 1.6, 3.5 and 5 gallons per flush gpf. The exclusive longest lasting red rubber resists chlorine, bacteria, city water treatment, hard water, and well water. Recommended by the Clorox help line, this Korky flapper is proven longest lasting. The adjustable flapper has multiple settings to ensure it fits popular standard 2 inch toilet models: American Standard Cadet 4029, 4078, 4083, 4053, 4650, Monarch 4003, Mainstream 4061, Evolution 2 Flowise 4061, Kohler Wellworth K-4620, Wellworth K-4519, and TOTO 706. Made of flexible rubber for a tight seal and easy to install, the 100 includes: 100BP Flapper and Stainless Steel Chain
  • Fits most standard 2 in. flush valves, including American Standard, Kohler, TOTO and more
  • The most universal standard 2 in. Toilet Flapper
  • Adjusts to fit all tank sizes: 1.28, 1.6, 3.5 and 5 gallon per flush toilets
  • The preferred flapper brand of plumbing pros since 1954
  • Exclusive longest lasting red rubber resists chlorine


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