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Lenox 2pk Stainless Steel Hawkbill Knife

Lenox 2pk Stainless Steel Hawkbill Knife

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• The LENOX stainless steel Hawkbill Folding Knife is ideal for tough cuts. Use the curved shape of the blade to grab and control the material while you pull through it. The handle is designed to give you a secure grip whether you are stripping electrical wire, cutting shingles or tearing up carpet.

    • Premium stainless steel blade
    • Curved shape ideal for stripping or grabbing material for tough cuts
    • Secure, bi-material grip on durable metal handle
    • Convenient thumb stud for one-handed opening
    • Liner lock for stable blade and easy folding
    • UPC- 88591182667
    • 2200pcs Available
    • Case Pack 11pcs
    • Loc Top 13J


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