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MaxAir 18hp 55 Gallon Air Compressor-max air air compressors-Tool Mart Inc.
MaxAir 18hp 55 Gallon Air Compressor-max air air compressors-Tool Mart Inc.

MaxAir 18HP 55 Gallon Air Compressor


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  • Rugged compressor with cast iron cylinders
  • "V" style design minimizes vibration. improves cooling, and extends compressor life
  • Individual and removable cylinders for smoother and cooler operation and easy maintenance
  • 18HP twin cylinder electric start vanguard motor
  • Metal air filters with "Auto Drop" feature
  • 55 gallon ASME registered tank 200 PSI rating
  • Easy view oil sight gauge
  • High efficiency reed valves for maximum performance
  • Efficient heat removal from fly wheel for cooler running and longer life
  • Sturdy metal belt guard
  • Heavy duty 3/4" ball valve included
  • Engine idle control feature that reduces operating cost and unnecessary wear
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • Liquid filled pressure gauge
  • Innovative single stage technology that produces 170 PSI
  • Convenient extended oil drain. Conveniently located ball valve on front of tank for draining moisture from tank
  • Industry leading CFM production
  • 18HP  
  • Maximum rated PSI 170
  • Receiver Capacity 55 Gal
  • Engine- B&S Vanguard
  • Dimensions 49x25x54
  • Weight 510 lbs

Item Description Product Code
1 Compressor w/ Flywheel PT10AHP-TS PUMP ASSY
2 Discharge Tube (2.5ft) ASSY TU-1-20.75/90/45
3 Pressure Gauge PGLF200-2.5BM1/4
4 Outlet Valve  BV3/4MF
5 Air Receiver (tank) 55H24X44TRK-Y
6 Drain Cock -Assembly OSB WO DC ASSEMBLY
7 V-Belt B82
8 Belt Guard BG30GAL
9 Engine BS-3564471213F8
10 Unloader NLG-6-120-150
11 Pulley - Engine 2B4.2SH
12 Safety Valve PSV1/4-200
13 Engine Control w/ Cable TCLP-36-0817
Eagle Compressor Oil EAOIL10