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Proto Express Tool Mat

Proto Express Tool Mat


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• The Express Tool Mat keeps tools in the their designated area when not in use, which prevents foreign object damage and loss control. The mat has a detachable safety sign and reflecting tape on the edges to help keep your working space protected and visible.

• Easily relocate using the tape mechanism that provides easy and fast opening and closing. It is also easy to carry with the shoulder strap and comfort handles, and has internal VELCRO® straps for easy adjustability. This mat also features a cushion that provides comfort when working on your knees.

    • Size Closed: 15-5/8" x 15-5/8" x 15-5/8"
    • Size Open: 44-3/8" x 43-3/4"
    • Height: 15-5/8"
    • Length: 15-5/8"
    • Weight: 5.51 lbs
    • UPC- 662679170516
180pcs Available 
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