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Reese Adjustable Utility Ball Mount

Reese Adjustable Utility Ball Mount

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Reese Towpower Adjustable Ball Mount is rated for 500 pounds tongue weight and 5, 000 pound gross trailer weight. The 2 inch square hitch bar has an adjustable rise and drop to level your trailer and add to the safety and ease of towing. The longer shank length allows for turning clearance from vehicle bumper to trailer frame. Features a 1 inch hole for your trailer ball shank.

    • Overall rise and drop adjustment of 12-1/2 inch for pulling a level trailer.
    • Rise adjustment of 7-1/2 inch and drop adjustment of 6 inch.
    • Shank length of 13-1/2 inch allows for more turning clearance from bumper to trailer frame.
    • Powder coated for a durable and weather resistant finish.
    • Fits 2 Inch Receivers.
    • Dimensions - 8.75 x 14 x 2.5 in.
    • Item Weight -14 lbs.
    • UPC- 016118211412
    • 29pcs Available


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