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Tank Conversion Hose damaged Package

Tank Conversion Hose damaged Package

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Convert your portable gas grill into a permanent outdoor cooking fixture with this 4 ft. adapter hose from Cuisinart. Simply connect the brass fitting on this tube to your grill intake valve and screw the coupling nut onto a 20 lb. liquid propane tank for exponential lift in fuel supply. Purchasing, transporting and recycling propane cylinders can become taxing, so make things easier on yourself and your wallet with this handy fuel hookup.

  • Hose detaches easily when you want to take your portable gas grill off-site
  • Connects a portable grill to a 20 lb. LP fuel tank
  • Compatible with outdoor equipment that’s normally fueled by a 1 lb. propane canister, including: outdoor heaters, camp stoves, lanterns and mosquito magnets, among others
  • Makes tailgating and camping cookouts more convenient
  • Rubber hose is 1 in. diameter
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