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Werner Fall Protection Roofing Safety System Compliance Kit

Werner Fall Protection Roofing Safety System Compliance Kit

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The WERNER K211201W Roofing Safety System includes a universal harness, 50 ft. lifeline with shock-absorbing lanyard and a temporary roof anchor. The system provides a complete fall protection solution for the roofing contractor all in a convenient bucket. UpGear's red, yellow and green color coding system identifies the 3-products in the fall protection system: anchor, connector and harness.
  • Universal harness features a safely designed chest strap adjustment allows downward adjustment away from neck and eliminates choking hazard in event of a fall
  • Includes back-strap designed to keep worker in harness in event of a backwards fall
  • 50 ft. lifeline with lanyard features durable, high strength and abrasion resistant polydac rope construction with a safe energy absorber located at the user for consistent arrest of fall
  • Fall indicator and label protection ensures compliance with legible labels
  • OSHA and ANSI compliant
  • 3 ft. lanyard with manual rope grab extends freedom of movement
  • Temporary roof anchor provides versatility for use on trusses, sheathing and most roof peaks
  • Versatile hinge ensures excellent range of motion
  • Easy temporary roof anchor installation with fasteners included

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